10 Reasons Why You Should Use Cloudways For Your WordPress Websites in 2024

André Ruud
Updated: 11/28/2023
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90,000+ customers trust Cloudways for fast and affordable managed cloud hosting, that is why you Should Use Cloudways For Your WordPress Websites.

Why You Should Use Cloudways For Your WordPress Websites
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If you’re on the hunt for managed WordPress hosting, you’ll find a sea of choices out there. However, a common drawback is that many of these options are limited to WordPress only and confine you to a specific hosting infrastructure. If you use CloudWays for your WordPress websites, you will get a hosting that is very good for your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

But what if your needs are more diverse? Suppose you need managed WordPress hosting plus support for other PHP-based applications, with the freedom to pick your cloud hosting provider. Cloudways can be your savior.

1. Variety in Cloud Hosting Providers

Unlike many managed web hosting providers that limit your options, Cloudways opens up a world of choices for your cloud platform, including:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • AWS

This array of options caters to a wide range of needs. Whether you require the sophisticated capabilities of AWS and Google Cloud or prefer the more budget-friendly choices like Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr, Cloudways has you covered.

Each cloud provider shines in its unique way. For example, Vultr is known for its high-speed performance with high-frequency servers, while Linode and Digital Ocean offer notable reliability. Plus, scalability is a breeze with Cloudways, giving you not just a range of price points but also the flexibility to test and choose the perfect provider for your hosting requirements.

2. User-Friendly with Advanced Features

Cloudways stands out with its user-friendly interface, offering advanced controls without overwhelming the user.

Whether it’s managing server applications, monitoring statistics, updating systems, handling services, installing SSL certificates, or more, everything is just a few clicks away.

My personal experience with Cloudways has been nothing short of exceptional. The platform successfully simplifies complex processes, making them accessible with a mere click, all while maintaining a balance between ease of use and comprehensive control for its users. Cloudways not only offers flexibility in choosing cloud hosting providers but also excels in user experience by combining simplicity with advanced functionalities.

3. Optimizing Performance for Peak Efficiency

Cloudways ensures that your server and applications, regardless of whether they’re for WooCommerce hosting, a WordPress blog, or any other platform, are finely tuned right from the start. This commitment to a high-performance backend stack guarantees a swift and dependable experience.

However, flexibility remains a key feature. Cloudways doesn’t lock you out of the control room. If you’re inclined, you have the liberty to tweak certain settings to further enhance your site’s performance. Pairing this with website performance monitoring tools can offer deeper insights into your site’s efficiency.

4. Streamlined Collaboration Tools

For businesses with multiple team members, Cloudways simplifies collaboration. It’s easy to add team members and assign them specific roles, from server management to handling billing.

Organizing work is also streamlined. You can create projects to manage multiple websites, efficiently allocating team members to each. Moreover, Cloudways provides SFTP and SSH access for remote file management, a feature your team can leverage for various tasks, including uploading or deleting files.

5. Versatile Application Support

Beyond WordPress and WooCommerce, Cloudways stands out for its support of a variety of PHP-based web applications, presenting it as a adaptable choice for diverse web hosting needs.

For example, the platform supports Magento and Laravel, paving the way for you to build robust e-commerce sites or any Laravel-based solution. Moreover, Cloudways doesn’t stop there; it extends the flexibility to install custom PHP applications. The inclusion of platforms like Drupal, Moodle, Typo3, and Kontent, along with helpful installation guides, exemplifies Cloudways’ commitment to versatility.

6. Effortless Server Cloning and Staging

Scaling your business is made effortless with Cloudways. The platform allows for the creation and organization of multiple servers and applications, providing immense scalability.

A standout feature is the ease of cloning servers. If you need to replicate a server setup, it’s just a click away, eliminating the hassle of manual data transfer. This feature is particularly useful for testing different cloud hosting providers without commitment.

Additionally, Cloudways facilitates the creation of a staging area for your websites. This allows you to establish a test environment, ensuring that all changes are perfected before going live on your production server. This capability is crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of your live sites.

7. Streamlined Backup and Restoration Process

Managing websites effectively means having a solid backup and restoration strategy, and Cloudways excels in this area. By default, the platform generates daily backups, which are retained for a week before being updated. Restoring these backups is as straightforward as clicking a button, and they’re stored off-site to save your server resources.

Moreover, Cloudways allows you to customize the frequency of backups and their retention period according to your needs and preferences. There’s also an option to store backups locally on your server for additional safety.

8. Effortless Website Migrations

For new users, Cloudways offers one free migration, making the transition to their platform smooth. If you require additional assistance for moving multiple sites, Cloudways’ migration add-on is there to help.

Additionally, Cloudways provides a custom migrator plugin for WordPress sites. This tool is particularly useful if you’ve already utilized your free migration but need to transfer more websites, enabling seamless transitions without extra costs.

9. Reliable, Round-the-Clock Support

Beyond managing the technical backend, Cloudways offers comprehensive 24×7 support. Whether you need assistance with billing or technical issues, you can expect prompt responses.

For those needing more in-depth support, Cloudways offers premium options. Here, their technical team prioritizes and troubleshoots even the most complex issues. With premium support, you also get proactive monitoring and a dedicated agent for your site, eliminating the need for external agencies or developers to manage your site.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Users Choose Cloudways.

Web Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting

10. Comprehensive Documentation and Help Resources

Cloudways ensures that users can often find solutions without needing to contact support staff, thanks to their extensive documentation. This covers a range of subjects, from basic service features to more advanced guides. It’s a valuable tool for users to quickly find answers and understand the platform’s capabilities.

Cloudways is a good option if you want a managed hosting that meets most of your needs and yet leaves opportunity for growth.


Does Cloudways provide a free hosting service?

Unfortunately, not. They only provide a 3-day free trial.

Do CloudWays provide free SSL certificates?

Yes, Cloudways provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL and it can be installed very easily.

How many applications can be hosted on the same server?

Although we provide the freedom to our customers to add more than one application on the same server, there may not be a straightforward answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors such as CMS type (WordPress, Magento, PHP, etc.), traffic on your website and server specification, etc.

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