7 Reasons Why WordPress Users Choose Cloudways

André Ruud
Updated: 11/28/2023
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Websites and apps powered by WordPress are known for their user-friendly interfaces, adaptability across devices, and built-in SEO capabilities. However, to truly unlock their potential, it’s essential to have the right hosting environment. Enter Cloudways.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Users Choose Cloudways
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In the past decade, Cloudways has made significant strides in the WordPress hosting realm. They have diligently evolved, staying in tune with customer feedback, to provide innovative solutions that the WordPress community truly appreciates. Many users gravitate towards Cloudways due to its unique, customer-focused features, which address challenges often overlooked by other hosting services.

Many WordPress novices initially opt for shared hosting. But as they delve deeper and their sites expand, they soon realize the limitations of shared hosting, especially concerning performance, scalability, and even basic protective measures.

Cloudways stands out in the hosting landscape by offering top-tier services for WordPress sites. What’s more compelling is that they provide these premium features at prices that are comparable to shared hosting. Their offerings include:

  • Hosting for an unlimited number of websites
  • Freedom to use any plugin
  • Servers dedicated to WordPress
  • No limitations based on website visitor count in their pricing tiers.
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7 Reasons Why WordPress Users Choose Cloudways

1. Unparalleled Flexibility

Cloudways stands out for its sheer adaptability. Your choices start right from selecting a server’s geographical location. Add to that options like routine backups, multiple staging areas, Git integration, and the ability to upscale servers. Their setup is intuitive, covering what competitors often overlook. Additionally, their pay-as-you-go pricing model means you’re billed by the hour — perfect for short-term projects without committing to a monthly rate.

2. Top-notch Security Measures

An IT security firm ran an unscheduled penetration test on our website. In less than 10 minutes, Cloudways’ team flagged it and reached out, having detected and blocked their own internal IP due to the test. That’s commitment!

Cloudways is not just reactive but proactive about security. The platform integrates features like bot protection and the whole system is bolstered with two-factor authentication, firewalls, complimentary SSL certificates, and more. Their recent collaboration with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN further enhances security, offering exceptional protection against hackers and efficiently countering DDOS attacks. Plus, there are often promo codes available, making their premium plans even more attractive.

3. An Impressive Range of Data Centers

With a remarkable 63 data centers spread globally, Cloudways ensures that you can find the perfect spot for your server. No matter where you’re located – be it Asia, Africa, the Americas, or Australia – hosting WordPress sites without compromising on speed or efficiency is a breeze.

Many WordPress agencies on Cloudways value this feature immensely. With clientele spread across the globe, the ability to choose from data centers in regions like the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia makes it convenient to optimize performance and delivery.

4. No Traffic Limits

With Cloudways, customers don’t have to fret about traffic caps. While some hosting services penalize users as they near their traffic limit, Cloudways ensures unrestricted access regardless of the traffic volume. This feature is especially invaluable for WordPress sites that witness high traffic, whether it’s an online store or a portfolio site for freelance services.

5. Easy Vertical Scaling

Cloud hosting’s scalability is what makes it a popular choice among WordPress users. While adjusting the capacity of a cloud server can be a challenging task, Cloudways streamlines the process. Users can easily enhance their server specs with just a couple of clicks. This comes in handy for those running affiliate websites on WordPress, who often see sporadic surges in traffic. With Cloudways’ vertical scaling, they can effortlessly cater to heightened traffic while maintaining optimal site performance.

6. Choice of Five Top Cloud Providers

One of Cloudways’ standout features is the ability to choose from five leading cloud infrastructure providers: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. Each provider offers strategic data center locations, along with specific benefits, such as DigitalOcean’s premium version and Vultr’s High-Frequency option, both of which outshine their standard counterparts in performance.

This breadth of choice ensures that WordPress users, from individual bloggers to expansive agencies, can find a hosting plan that aligns with their needs and budget. Some platforms, like Kinsta, may limit certain server controls and resources. For those seeking more freedom, looking into alternatives to such platforms becomes essential.

7. Optimized Performance through Custom Configurations

The efficacy of even the best PHP code can be hampered if the underlying hosting infrastructure isn’t optimized for performance. Many hosting solutions don’t prioritize speed out of the box, and some basic shared hosting options can’t be optimized at all.

Cloudways stands apart in this aspect. The platform is primed for speed and efficiency, courtesy of its custom-configured and pre-installed stack. Tools like Object Cache Pro, a high-end Redis cache backend tailored for WordPress, further enhance site speed. What’s notable is that Cloudways offers this tool, usually priced at $95/month, as a complimentary addition to WordPress installations. This tool is packed with features such as cache analytics, data compression, and cache priming, among others.

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Bottom Line

Cloudways has survived and thrived for more than a decade since its inception, during which time it has continuously improved its offerings. The trace of the company’s success, goes back to its consistent dedication to meeting the wants and needs of its customers. Their mission is crystal clear: to offer a managed hosting service unlike any other. Cloudways’ premium support is a distinguishing feature. They don’t just provide a service; rather, they become an integral part of your team. They take care of all the technical details of web hosting so their customers can focus on growing and improving their businesses. Cloudways’ human touch stands out in a digital universe that sometimes feels impersonal, making all the difference in your hosting experience.

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