Why Lasso is the Best Affiliate Plugin for WordPress and Why You Should Use it?

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Updated: 11/27/2023
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The Lasso WordPress plugin stands out as a powerful tool for individuals just starting out in affiliate marketing. It was made to make managing affiliate connections easier, which in turn increases earnings. Keeping all of your articles, sites, and promos up-to-date may be a lot of work, especially if you’re just starting out. Lasso is useful at this point.

Why Lasso is the Best Affiliate Plugin for WordPress
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Affiliate marketers who value productivity and convenience will find Lasso to be the best affiliate plugin for WordPress. It provides an assortment of tools that ease the affiliate marketing process, especially advantageous for those trying to monetize specialty sites. Lasso is an efficient solution to the persistent problems that plague affiliate marketing.

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What Is Lasso and Why Should You Use It?

Lasso is more than just a standard affiliate link management tool. It’s an all-encompassing WordPress plugin that enhances link optimization. With Lasso, you can expect an uplift in conversion rates and click-throughs. It brings to the table innovative display boxes designed to further amplify your link visibility. Lasso offers value by automating several laborious, time-consuming affiliate marketing procedures.

Lasso’s capabilities extend beyond mere link management and cloaking. It’s an indispensable tool for those focused on expanding their niche affiliate websites. Features include display ad options, seamless Amazon Associates integration, real-time link tracking with alerts for out-of-stock items, and a comprehensive dashboard for effective link management.

What Makes Lasso The Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

URL Management with Lasso

Lasso simplifies the process of adding and organizing URLs on your platform. Begin by accessing the Lasso main dashboard and selecting the ‘Add New URL’ button. This action takes you to a URL creation page where you have the freedom to tailor and detail your URL, compatible with any affiliate program or product.

After inputting the necessary information for your affiliate product, you have several customization options like choosing dofollow or nofollow attributes and deciding if the link should open in a new tab. After setting up your URL, it’s ready to be incorporated into your articles, paving the way for increased earnings.

Syncing with Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliate marketers will find Lasso’s syncing feature particularly advantageous. By simply entering your Amazon tracking code and API keys into Lasso, your Amazon affiliate account becomes seamlessly integrated with the platform.

Leveraging Existing Links for Monetization

An innovative aspect of Lasso is its ability to transform existing links in your articles into revenue-generating tools. After populating the Lasso URL database with some of your affiliate links, head over to the Content section in the Lasso dashboard. Here, you’ll get an overview of your website’s articles and the count of links each contains. This feature is especially useful for quick updates or replacements of non-monetized links with their monetized counterparts. Within the dashboard, a yellow suggestion bar appears next to unmonetized links.

Clicking this bar, which then turns green and displays ‘monetized’, allows you to select from your previously created URLs. Choose the appropriate product, and your link becomes monetized, ready to replace the old link in your article text. This method is a significant time-saver when updating multiple product links across various articles.

Innovating with Lasso’s Display Boxes

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A standout feature of Lasso is its dynamic display box creation and customization capabilities. Crafting eye-catching display boxes can significantly elevate your sales and click-through rates. The key lies in the visual appeal. Managing these display boxes is a breeze with Lasso.

After crafting your custom URL, you can delve into customization by clicking on the ‘display’ option. This opens up a window where you can tweak various elements like the disclosure and button text. For alterations in the image or description, a quick visit back to the details section is all it takes. Below your display box preview, you’ll find a Lasso-generated shortcut. This can be conveniently inserted into your posts, seamlessly integrating these compelling display boxes into your content, which is instrumental in boosting your revenue.

Diverse Theme Selection

Lasso offers a palette of eight distinct themes for your website, including a demo theme. This variety allows you to experiment with different functions and style options, like background color, button design, call-to-action badges, and texts, all accessible via the display settings. After playing around with color schemes, you can preview how these changes reflect on your display, ensuring you pick a hue that resonates with your site’s aesthetics.

You also have the flexibility to tailor your affiliate disclosures, set the tone for your CTA button text, and choose to display or hide certain elements like grid displays. Lasso even enables linking to multiple affiliates, broadening your audience’s choices and potentially increasing your earnings.

These features aren’t limited to affiliate links. They can be equally effective for product reviews and online courses. For instance, employing two CTA buttons in a display box can be strategic: one directing readers to a review and another leading them to an affiliate link.

14 Days Free Trial Period

Lasso presents a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. Though they offer just a single plan, there’s flexibility in how you can be billed: either $29 monthly for each site or an annual fee of $260. Opting for the annual subscription comes with a bonus – you effectively get three months of Lasso for free. Additionally, for those who want to test the waters first, Lasso provides a free trial option.

This 14-day free trial lets you fully explore Lasso’s capabilities without any restrictions. It does require entering payment details, as you get access to all features and unlimited affiliate links during the trial. Once the trial period is over, continued use of the service will be chargeable.

Best Affiliate Plugin For WordPress

For those managing affiliate sites through WordPress, Lasso emerges as a robust tool, crafted by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. It stands as an ideal solution for online business owners looking to enhance their website’s monetization. With the added benefit of a risk-free trial, trying out Lasso could be a step toward maximizing your website’s potential. To get started with the #1 Best Affiliate Plugin for WordPress, Click Here.

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