Why i think Lasso is the best Affiliate plugin for WordPress

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Updated: 12/19/2023
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Discover why Lasso is the ultimate affiliate plugin for WordPress, empowering you to maximize your earnings. Take control of your affiliate marketing strategy today!
Affiliate plugin for WordPress
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Lasso is a affiliate plugin for WordPress tailored for affiliate marketing, streamlining the management of affiliate links. It enhances the display of these links, aiming to boost click-through rates and elegantly optimize the monetization of blog posts.

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I’ve experimented with various affiliate plugin for WordPress for these tasks but never found one that fully satisfied my needs. Consequently, my site is cluttered with a chaotic array of links. Tracking and modifying them, especially en masse, is a cumbersome process. Here comes Lasso. This affiliate plugin for WordPress is engineered to enhance your website’s revenue generation capabilities. It automatically identifies and recommends high-value products and services with a high likelihood of generating sales.

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After installing Lasso on your WordPress site, it begins scouring for relevant products and services from a wide-ranging partner network. For instance, Lasso targets affiliates if your blog focuses on health and wellness.

Lasso then creates unique referral links for these potentially lucrative offers, which you can incorporate into your website’s content. Moreover, Lasso comes equipped with a sophisticated reporting feature. This tool provides real-time analytics, enabling you to spot successful strategies and fine-tune your approach for better results.

Why i think Lasso is the best Affiliate plugin for WordPress and why You should use it

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Lasso offers a suite of features designed to enhance the efficiency of managing affiliate links. Let’s explore some key aspects:

Customizable Link Displays

A standout feature of Lasso is its dynamic affiliate link displays. With six default themes, users can choose a layout on the page that best suits their product presentation. These displays are visually appealing and adaptable, incorporating elements like the product title, description, buy button, and image. Importantly, all themes are responsive, ensuring smooth functionality on mobile devices.

Discovering Affiliate Link Opportunities

Lasso simplifies the task of increasing commission earnings. The opportunity feature allows for the strategic placement of affiliate links on your website to boost sales without the need to edit each post individually. Utilizing the keyword search feature in the WordPress dashboard, you can seamlessly integrate affiliate links across multiple posts. For example, if promoting pet vitamins, relevant keywords in various posts can be targeted for link insertion, streamlining the process.

Centralized Dashboard for Easy Management

The Lasso dashboard is a centralized tool for managing affiliate links, offering a single location for all crucial links and notifications for link updates. Whether running a large affiliate website or a simple WordPress site, this feature is invaluable when it comes to affiliate plugin for WordPress. The dashboard provides insights into your affiliate links but also aids in discovering new opportunities and showcasing them in attractive product boxes. This facilitates swift, large-scale modifications to your site, saving time and effort.

Enhancing Revenue with Click Tracking

Lasso’s Click Tracking feature offers valuable insights into the performance of your affiliate links. By integrating with Google Analytics, it helps you focus on the most profitable links on your website. This feature not only highlights top-performing links but also assists in identifying and improving underperforming affiliate products.

Seamless Amazon Integration

Lasso provides full integration for those heavily reliant on the Amazon affiliate program. By linking your WordPress site directly with your Amazon affiliate account using API and tracking code, Lasso simplifies retrieving product information and monetizing it with links. It ensures that affiliate links and product details, including prices, are automatically updated every 24 hours. Additionally, Lasso alerts you to any update issues and checks stock levels for you.

Link Cloaking for Enhanced Trust

Lasso enables the cloaking of affiliate links, creating shorter, more branded URLs that appear more trustworthy to your readers. You can customize these URLs with your site address and give them descriptive names. This not only helps in staying organized but also makes it easier for customers to recall your products. Cloaking affiliate URLs with Lasso is an effective strategy to protect your commissions and manage sales data efficiently.

Easy Link Importation

With its one-click import feature, transitioning to Lasso from other plugins like PrettyLinks or ThirstyAffiliates is a breeze. This functionality allows for both individual and bulk imports, saving significant time and effort in setting up this comprehensive affiliate plugin for WordPress. Moreover, should you stop using Lasso in the future, your links will continue to function as they did with your previous plugin.

Efficient Link Health Management

Lasso’s dashboard is an invaluable tool for tracking the performance of your affiliate links. It tracks clicks and alerts you to any broken links or stock issues with products you promote on Amazon. This feature monitors the health of your URLs, ensuring that you’re immediately notified of any problems, allowing for prompt resolution. Maintaining uninterrupted link functionality is crucial, and Link Health provides all your links stay active, safeguarding your potential revenue.

Easy-to-Create Comparison Tables

Creating comparison tables for your affiliate products with Lasso is straightforward and customizable. You can design these tables in a contemporary style, tailoring each element to fit your needs. Lasso offers various layout options, allowing you to present your products most effectively and appealingly.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Lasso stands out for its value, offering competitive pricing compared to similar affiliate plugin for WordPress. There’s a single pricing plan with two payment options:

Monthly Option

Cost: $29 per month

Includes a free 14-day trial

Offers conversion-optimized displays, the discovery of affiliate opportunities, and API-free Amazon data.

Yearly Option

Cost: $289 per year

Benefits include everything offered in the monthly plan

Additional perks: 2 months free (a $59 value) and inclusion of staging sites

Custom display design (DFY) included.

This pricing structure makes Lasso attractive for those seeking a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution without a hefty price tag.

Identifying the Main Drawbacks

While Lasso offers many benefits, there are some areas where it falls short. One such issue is the time it can take to review affiliate link opportunities. The process isn’t as streamlined as possible, leading to potential delays. Additionally, Lasso doesn’t support modifiers in affiliate link URL slugs. This limitation requires users to meticulously prepare their URLs beforehand, reducing flexibility in link management.

Final Verdict

Lasso is a highly effective tool for managing multiple affiliate sites. It significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks and comes with themes that can enhance the visual appeal of your pages.

Despite its limitations, Lasso is a solid choice for affiliate marketers using WordPress. Its user-friendly product displays are particularly beneficial for those who may not have a strong design sensibility, simplifying the process of beautifying posts. For affiliate marketers still deciding, Lasso’s 14-day trial period provides ample opportunity to evaluate its fit for their needs. This trial lets users experience firsthand how Lasso can streamline their affiliate marketing efforts.


What affiliate programs does Lasso work with?

Lasso works with every single affiliate program on Earth! Lasso will even automatically pull product data for supported brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Chewy.

Just paste your affiliate link and let Lasso do the work for you!

Can I use Lasso with any WordPress theme?

Lasso works with all WordPress themes. And you can customize the way our product boxes look to match your own WordPress website theme.

Will Lasso slow down my site?

Lasso was designed specifically to have the least possible effect on site speed.

Can I import my existing affiliate links?

Yes! You can import from plugins like AAWP, Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, and more. Import one link at a time or all of them at once. And you can revert any link you’ve imported. It’s seamless and non-destructive. We are a complete affiliate plugin replacement.

Can I customize the look and feel of Lasso?

Absolutely. In addition to eight ready-made templates that are optimized for conversions, you can completely customize the look and feel of every display in Lasso.

You can create badges, such as “Best Budget Pick,” above your displays, add Pros and Cons (with schema), and customize product descriptions within the display.

Need a more custom design that fits your site’s branding? Done-for-you custom CSS is included for yearly customers!

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