Why Shoptimizer is the best theme for WooCommerce?

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Updated: 02/20/2024
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When the discussion about creating an online e-commerce store opens up, the first question that bubbles up in one’s mind is, “Which theme should I choose?”. Along with this question, several other queries also approach like which theme will offer good speed, SEO optimization, and seamless user experience.
If you find yourself a part of such a confusing dilemma, then worry not, as Shoptimizer is here for you. Here in this article, you will be able to learn why Shoptimizer is the best theme choice for WooCommerce.
So, without keeping in wait, here we go;

Why Shoptimizer is the best theme for WooCommerce
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Shoptimizer: A Brief Overview

Shoptimizer comes with extensive features that are designed to provide good speed and SEO optimization to your e-commerce store. Furthermore, the developer of this theme knows how crucial the trust factor is in the online shopping world. That is why, trust badges and distraction-free checkout processes are added to this theme to ensure an effortless and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers. 

Now the thing that makes Shoptimizer stand out is the careful and precise craftsmanship by the CommerceGurus team. Before building this theme, they carried out extensive research and practices, at the same time pinpointing the core elements that are crucial to WooCommerce store owners including conversions, speed, and visual appearance and designs.

Shoptimizer is not just another theme trying to cover all the necessities as it is exclusively crafted for WooCommerce. This is also one of the major reasons for Shoptimizer to stand out in providing e-commerce solutions.

Let’s get into more detail about the key features Shoptimizer offers: 

Top features of Shoptimizer that make it stand out


In today’s evolving world of e-commerce, speed plays a significant role. The smallest delay in speed can have a great effect. According to the research conducted by Akami, a mere one-second delay can stroke conversion rates by a notable 7%. 

lighthouse scores
Image source: commercegurus.com

Furthermore, Google has also recognized the importance of speed and has incorporated mobile page speed as an important ranking factor in mobile search results. Therefore, a slow website not only has a negative impact on the conversion rates but also your site’s overall traffic can be disturbed. 

This is where the Shoptimizer theme comes in as a savior for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Shoptimizer values speed through minified CSS incorporation. This makes the page load as fast as the speed of light. Further toppings are done by implementing critical CSS which ensures that the essential content loads quickly and is available at the top of the page. Using Shoptimizer, you will have both fast loading and seo optimized site. 

Product Conversion Features

Shoptimizer is not all about speed, it’s a conversion-optimized powerhouse that is exclusively designed to help you convert your store’s visitors into loyal customers. It provides different features that are technically crafted to boost site engagement and thrust product purchases. 

Let’s have a closer look at the conversion-optimized product elements that Shoptimizer offers;

  1. Attractive Header Banner: With Shoptimizer, you can display special offers and discounts attractively beside the product title. It’s a great help in grabbing the visitors’ attention and making those deals hard to ignore. 
  2. Large Primary Product Image: Shoptimizer allows you to present your WooCommerce store’s products attractively and appealingly in the form of images. You can also customize the product image’s width and thumbnail according to your preferences. 
  3. Prominent Call to Action (CTA): For the WooCommerce Plugin, there is an “Express Checkout” button offered by the PeakPay. It serves as a clear, straightforward, and compelling signal to the visitors allowing them to make the purchase without any hindrance. 
  4. Call Back Button: There is also a Call back button provided by Shoptimizer which allows the customers to turn back in case there are any uncertainties, especially for high-priced products. Through this feature, customers seek reassurance or can resolve product-related queries from the product page. 
  5. Product Image Zoom Feature: With the product image zoom feature, customers can explore the details of the product through the product image. This gives the customers more information about the product making them clear whether to make a purchase or not. 
  6. Previous and Next Product Navigation: Shoptimizer has previous and next product navigation buttons, which gives a seamless shopping experience to the customers. 
  7. Stock Quantity and Countdown Timer: The Stock Quantity feature in Shoptimizer triggers a “Fear of Missing Out’ or FOMO among the customers to have them secure the products as soon as possible before they run out. Plus the Countdown timer also acts as a great force to make quick purchases. 
  8. Additional Product Information: Using Shoptimizer, you can increase transparency and minimize cart abandonment rates by showing essential product information like shipping costs, “Buy”, or “Add to Cart” buttons. 

Add WooCommerce product blocks

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, Shoptimizer is a great source for making your life easy with its fascinating features like the ability to add WooCommerce product blocks quickly and effortlessly. 

But How Shoptimizer does this is that it equips this incredible power of the Elementor page builder. Now the best part is that you don’t have to be a coding wizard to develop such appealing and beautiful layouts that present your products effectively. 

Now imagine you want to keep your best-selling items in the spotlight, present the latest addition in a special collection, or appeal to customer’s attention to items that are currently on sale. Here Shoptimizer converts your imagination into reality with the help of the WooCommerce option in Elementor. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process where you can effortlessly position different WooCommerce elements like product grids or product categories anywhere on your website. 

Improve your website’s search functionality

Shoptimizer has a “Smart” auto-complete search module which levels up the game of your website’s search functionality. When your visitors start typing their search words in the search bar, this feature right away offers search suggestions. As a result, your customers can rapidly select the products and content they want.

But Shoptimizer does not stop here, it provides a valuable report that unwraps the most popular searches that are conducted on your site along with the total number of searches that come out as “no results”. This report is a valuable tool to know and address the content gap on your site.

CommerceKit combines multiple sales growth features into a single solution.

Access everything from a single dashboard. Each of these CommerceKit features works seamlessly together and this can save hours of frustration trying to make separate plugins work on a store.

Here are some fatures about CoomerceKit:

1. Product Galleries

Transform your product description pages with stunning layouts inspired by some of the worlds most successful eCommerce websites. CommerceKit Product Gallery now includes four unique and conversion optimized gallery layouts with more coming soon.

Video source: commercegurus.com

2. Attribute Swatches

CommerceKit Attribute Swatches transforms variable products into something far more engaging that is optimized for fast, visual product variation selection using buttons, colours or labels that can be displayed on both your product pages and product listing pages.

Attribute Swatches
Image source: commercegurus.com

3. Attributes Gallery

With CommerceKit’s Attribute Galleries, a customer can see the main gallery update as soon as an attribute (e.g. a color) is selected. This is a fantastic usability improvement compared to the default gallery.

Video source: commercegurus.com

4. Order Bumps

Increasing your average order value is a crucial goal for every store owner and CommerceKit’s Order Bumps feature is an excellent way to help achieve that.

An order bump is an additional “add on” product which appears before the Place order button on the checkout page. With one-click, it is added to the existing cart.

Woocommerce Order Bump
Image source: commercegurus.com

5. Ajax Search

CommerceKit’s Ajax Search feature provides speedy results, with a tiny amount of additional page weight.

Plus, it can display non-product search suggestions so essential pages such as delivery costs and returns policies are easy to find.

Video source: commercegurus.com

6. Free Shipping Notification

A free shipping progress bar can appear in the mini cart sidebar, and on the cart page itself.

This can encourage customers to add additional items to the cart to hit the free shipping target, increasing the AOV (average order value).

Free Shipping Notification Woocommerce
Image source: commercegurus.com

7. Product Badges

With CommerceKit’s Product badges you can enhance your customer’s understanding of key product features, highlight promotions and item with limited-time offers and improve click-through rates!

There is also an optional ‘New’ badge which you can automatically apply to newly added products in your catalog for a defined number of days.

Woocommerce Product Badges
Image source: commercegurus.com

8. Waitlist

CommerceKit’s Waitlist allows you to monitor demand for out-of-stock products.

Rather than simply displaying a generic ‘Out of stock’ notice, this useful feature will display an email form via a modal, which customers can fill out to register their interest. An automatic email can be sent to a customer when an item they are interested in is back in stock.

Video source: commercegurus.com


In the ever-competitive era of e-commerce, Shoptimizer flourishes as a shining star, proof of the expertise of the CommerceGurus team. This SEO-focused, conversion-optimized, and lightning-fast WooCommerce theme is a vision that comes true for online store owners. 

Shoptimizer offers effortless customization through a wealth of color, typography, and widget options. Plus its unwavering commitment to mobile-friendliness, frequent updates, high speed, accessibility, and compatibility ensures that your site shines brightly on every device. 

Choose Shoptimizer so that you not only maximize your WooCommerce store but also set on a journey where success is your destination.

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