Having The Right Laptop Stand Can Make Life More Comfortable

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Updated: 12/18/2023
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In our modern e­ra of technology, laptops have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows, laptops are indispensable­. However, exte­nded laptop usage can often re­sult in discomfort and health problems, such as neck strain, back pain, and poor posture­.

This is where the significance of having a right laptop stand becomes apparent. I will tell you the importance of having the right one, why using a laptop stand brings many advantages, and how to choose an ideal one that suits your requirements.

Laptop Stand Can Make Life More Comfortable
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What is a Laptop Stand?

A right laptop stand, also known as a laptop riser or laptop holde­r, is a versatile and highly effe­ctive accessory designed to elevate your laptop to a more ergonomic viewing height. It provides a stable platform for your laptop, allowing you to work, browse, or watch content at e­ye level. It reduces the strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. Laptop stands come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, cate­ring to different prefe­rences and nee­ds.

Why is it Important to Have the Right Laptop Stand?

Using your laptop for prolonged periods without a proper laptop stand can lead to several discomforts and health issues. Here’s why having the right laptop stand is crucial:

1. Ergonomic Comfort

Investing in a laptop stand has several advantages, including improving e­rgonomic comfort. Hunching over while using a laptop on a flat surface can strain your ne­ck and shoulders. However, with a laptop stand, you can e­levate the scre­en to eye level, allowing you to maintain a natural and comfortable posture while­ working.

2. Better Posture

A laptop stand promotes better posture by aligning your spine and reducing the risk of developing poor posture habits. With the screen at eye level, you’re less likely to slouch or crane your neck, helping you maintain a healthier sitting position.

3. Heat Dissipation

Laptops can generate a significant amount of heat during operation, and placing them on a flat surface can obstruct proper airflow, leading to overheating. Laptop stands often feature an open design that enhances ventilation, keeping your laptop cooler and preventing performance issues caused by overheating.

4. Increased Productivity

An ergonomic setup provided by a laptop stand can boost your productivity. With reduced discomfort and better posture, you’ll work more efficiently and for longer durations without fatigue.

5. Reduced Neck and Eye Strain

Staring down at your laptop screen for extended periods can strain your neck and eyes. A laptop stand brings the screen to eye level, reducing the strain on your neck muscles and minimizing eye fatigue.

6. Space Optimization

Laptop stands can also help you optimize your workspace. By elevating your laptop, they create additional space underneath for storing accessories like a keyboard, mouse, or documents, keeping your desk organized and clutter-free.

7. Portability and Flexibility

Seve­ral laptop stands, like versatile companions, are designed to be portable­ and foldable, perfect for frequently traveling users. With a laptop stand, you can easily erect an ergonomic workspace­ wherever you are­.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Stand?

Sele­cting the right laptop stand is incredibly important to maximize its benefits. Here­ are the esse­ntial details you should keep in mind as you choose­ the best laptop stand for your specific ne­eds:

1. Ergonomics

The primary purpose of a laptop stand is to provide ergonomic benefits. Ensure that the stand elevates your laptop to eye level, allowing you to maintain good posture and reduce strain.

2. Portability

Consider whether you need a laptop stand for on-the-go use. If so, opt for a lightweight and portable model that can be easily transported.

3. Durability

Opt for a laptop stand that’s crafted from sturdy mate­rials. This will ensure it can endure­ daily use and offer sustained support for your laptop.

4. Compatibility

Ensure that the laptop stand you choose is compatible with your laptop’s size and weight. Most stands accommodate laptops ranging from 11 to 17 inches.

5. Style

Laptop stands come in various styles, from simple and functional to sleek and modern. Select a stand that complements your workspace décor and personal style.

6. Additional Features

Think about what extra fe­atures you might want, like the ability to adjust the height and angle, a non-slip surface, inte­grated cooling vents, or eve­n handy storage compartments for your accessorie­s. Coming up, we’re going to share our top 10 favorite laptop stands, each one boasting special attribute­s to suit varied tastes and requirements.

Our Top Picks | 10 Best Laptop Stands

Now that you understand the importance of a laptop stand and the benefits it can provide, let’s explore our top picks for the ten best laptop stands on the market. Each stand offers distinct features to cater to various user preferences and requirements.

  1. Twelve South ParcSlope for Laptop
[lasso ref=”amzn-twelve-south-parcslope-for-macbook-laptops-and-ipad-pro-hybrid-laptop-typing-stand-and-tablet-desktop-sketching-wedgematte-black” id=”4003″ link_id=”168″]

Best for Cable Management

The Twelve South ParcSlope for Laptop is the ideal choice for those who value efficient cable management while enjoying the benefits of an ergonomic laptop stand. Designed with Mac users in mind, this stand elevates your MacBook or laptop screen to a comfortable and neck-friendly tilt. 

It does so by holding your device at an angle that promotes better posture and reduces strain on your neck and shoulders. What sets this laptop stand apart is its thoughtful cable management system. It ensures that various cables, including charging cords and peripheral connections, remain organized and accessible. 

No more fumbling around or dealing with tangled cords; everything stays neatly in place. Its open design enhances cooling and airflow around your laptop, helping to maintain optimal performance.

  1. MOFT Z Invisible Thin Sit-Stand Desk
[lasso ref=”amzn-moft-z-invisible-thin-sit-stand-desk-portable-ajustable-sit-stand-angles-compatible-with-most-laptops” id=”4000″ link_id=”169″]

Best for Premium Materials

Regarding premium quality and materials, the MOFT Z Invisible Thin Sit-Stand Desk stands out as a top choice. This laptop stand redefines the concept of portability and flexibility while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship. The first thing you’ll notice about the MOFT Z is its magazine-size dimensions. 

It’s incredibly slim and compact, making it easy to store in a bookshelf, bag, or drawer without drawing attention. Despite its svelte appearance, it offers a natural height of 10 inches. This allows you to work with your palm comfortably rested on the laptop and the screen at eye level. 

The laptop stand’s construction involves customized PU and stiff fiberglass, giving it both toughness for daily use and a comfortable touch.

  1. Yogibo Traybo 2.0 Lap Desk
[lasso ref=”amzn-yogibo-traybo-2-0-lap-desk-bamboo-top-lap-desk-with-pillow-for-laptop-built-in-slot-for-tablet-or-phone-lap-pad-for-working-reading-writing-lap-board-dark-gray” id=”3991″ link_id=”170″]

Best for Comfortable Experience

If comfort is your top priority, the Yogibo Traybo 2.0 Lap Desk is the perfect solution for your laptop positioning and overheating issues. This lap computer desk is more than just a stand; it’s a cushioned haven for your laptop and your legs. Working on your laptop for extended periods can sometimes lead to discomfort and overheating. 

The Yogibo Traybo 2.0 tackles these problems head-on with its ergonomic design and innovative features. The lap desk’s surface accommodates your laptop or drawing board while providing a convenient groove for your tablet or phone. 

Everything you need is within arm’s reach, allowing you to work or browse seamlessly. The bottom half of the Traybo lap desk pillow features Yogibo’s famous fill. This ensures unparalleled comfort during extended work sessions or leisure time.

  1. Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table
[lasso ref=”amzn-laptop-desk-nnewvante-table-adjustable-bamboo-foldable-breakfast-serving-bed-tray-w-tilting-top-drawer” id=”3990″ link_id=”171″]

Best for Portable Design

The Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table is a versatile and portable laptop stand that offers not only functionality but also a touch of elegance with its bamboo surface. What sets this laptop stand apart is its height and width adjustability.

It features five adjustable slots that allow you to find the perfect tilting angle for your laptop, ensuring optimal comfort. Additionally, a baffle keeps your laptop securely in place, even when the top is adjusted obliquely. The Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table is not just about functionality; it’s also about organization.

  1. Rain Design 10084 mBar Pro+ Stand
[lasso ref=”amzn-rain-design-10084-mbar-pro-foldable-laptop-stand-silver” id=”3997″ link_id=”172″]

Best for Aluminum Material

The open design of the mBar Pro+ Stand offers excellent airflow and ventilation around your laptop. This helps prevent overheating during extended use, ensuring your laptop operates at its best. To make it even more convenient, Rain Design includes a svelte carrying sleeve with the stand.

This ensures that you can keep your laptop stand protected while on the move and maintain its pristine appearance. The Rain Design 10084 mBar Pro+ Stand is the perfect choice for those prioritizing aluminum construction and modern design. It not only elevates your laptop for a more comfortable view but also adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

  1. ObVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand
[lasso ref=”amzn-obvus-solutions-adjustable-laptop-tower-stand-multiple-awards-from-top-technology-business-and-health-magazines-sitting-to-standing-in-seconds-reduce-back-and-neck-pain-made-in-the-usa” id=”3999″ link_id=”173″]

Rated Best Overall Laptop Stand

Its versatility ensures it can accommodate most devices, making it a versatile workspace addition. One of the standout features of the ObVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand is its focus on promoting efficient work.

The stand also features an easy-access built-in tablet or phone stand, which provides double the productivity. With this additional space, you can incorporate your phone into your office setup, enhancing efficiency. Additionally, the laptop stand offers easy cord management with a channel running underneath, keeping your workspace organized.

  1. BESIGN LS03 Ergonomic Detachable Stand
[lasso ref=”amzn-besign-ls03-ergonomic-detachable-computer-stand-riser-holder-notebook-stand-compatible-with-air-pro-dell-hp-lenovo-more-10-15-6-laptops-black-aluminum” id=”3998″ link_id=”174″]

Best for Stable and Protective Case

The BESIGN LS03 Ergonomic Detachable Stand is a laptop stand designed with stability and protection in mind. It elevates your laptop by 6 inches, promoting a healthier posture and reducing strain on your neck and shoulders. Heat dissipation is another essential aspect of the BESIGN LS03.

Its open aluminum design allows optimal ventilation, preventing your laptop from overheating during long working sessions. When not in use, the stand folds flat, creating extra space on your desk and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

  1. RIWUCT Foldable Laptop Stand
[lasso ref=”amzn-riwuct-foldable-laptop-stand-height-adjustable-ergonomic-computer-stand-for-desk-aluminum-portable-laptop-riser-holder-mount-compatible-with-macbook-pro-air-all-notebooks-10-16″ id=”4004″ link_id=”175″]

Best for Multi-Use

Stability is a key aspect of the RIWUCT Foldable Laptop Stand. It’s constructed from quality aluminum alloy, providing robust support and ensuring your laptop remains securely in place. The panel and its two hooks feature non-slip straps, adding an extra layer of stability.

Additionally, four non-slip silicone pads on the bottom of the stand help prevent any sliding. Heat dissipation is another essential feature. The stand’s design includes two holder hands instead of a flat surface, allowing heat to vent effectively. This keeps your laptop cool, even during extended use.

  1. ARASHI Laptop Stand for Desk
[lasso ref=”amzn-alashi-laptop-stand-for-desk-aluminum-computer-riser-ergonomic-notebook-holder-detachable-metal-laptops-elevator-pc-cooling-mount-support-10-to-15-6-inches-notebook-black” id=”4002″ link_id=”176″]

Best for Easy Installation

The ALASHI Laptop Stand for Desk is an ergonomic stand that elevates your laptop by 6 inches, promoting a healthier posture. It features a durable metal appearance made of thickened aluminum alloy and rubberized top and bottom surfaces to ensure stability and prevent scratches. The stand is easy to install, with just two steps required.

  1. OMOTON Laptop Stand
[lasso ref=”amzn-omoton-laptop-stand-detachable-laptop-mount-aluminum-laptop-holder-stand-for-desk-compatible-with-macbook-air-pro-dell-hp-lenovo-and-all-laptops-11-16-inch-silver” id=”4001″ link_id=”177″]

Best for Heat Dissipation

The OMOTON Laptop Stand is compatible with laptops ranging from 10 to 15.6 inches. It’s made of aluminum alloy and can support up to 11 lbs. The stand’s open design allows for excellent heat dissipation. This ensures your laptop stays cool during extended use. It’s also detachable and portable. The portable features make it convenient for users on the go.


Are laptop stands compatible with all laptop brands and sizes?

Laptop stands are designed to accommodate various laptops, including various brands and sizes. However, it’s essential to check the stand’s compatibility specifications to ensure it can support your specific laptop.

Can laptop stands be used with external keyboards and mice?

Yes, laptop stands are often used with external keyboards and mice to create a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. Many laptop stands offer additional space underneath for these accessories.

Are laptop stands easy to assemble and disassemble?

Most laptop stands are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. They typically consist of a few parts that can be quickly put together or taken apart, making them convenient for users who need portability.


Choosing the right laptop stand can upgrade­ your comfort levels, productivity, and gene­ral enjoyment when using your laptop. Thanks to the ergonomic design of these stands, your posture and comfortability can greatly improve. Your laptop becomes that much more enjoyable­ to use! Take a moment to think about your specific needs and prefe­rences when choosing your laptop stand.

Conside­ring factors such as cable management, mate­rial quality, comfort, and portability, among others, can help make your choice. There’s a perfect laptop standing out there waiting for you! We hope our favorite picks and detailed guide have been helpful to you in making the best-informed choice for a laptop setup that is both comfortable and ergonomic.

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